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Fundraising to support Bristol Grammar School Pupils on Sports Tour 2016

Bristol Grammar School Sports Tour Fundraising

Bristol Grammar School has a proud tradition of touring a number of cities, countries and continents to embrace and contest sport to the highest level. Following the success of previous sports tours to Canada (1992); Zimbabwe (1994); South Africa (1998); Australia and the South Pacific (2001); The Cook Islands, New Zealand and Fiji (2004); South America (2008) and most recently South Africa (2011 and 2014).
This school year (Summer 2016), sees Boys Rugby and Girls Hockey & Netball compete against tough opposition in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.  A large element of the tour experience is to embrace the professionalism needed to give teams a psychological upper hand. The ways in which we present ourselves on and off the field of play is extremely important.

Why do we need to fundraise?

A tour this large requires a huge amount of money to support the pupils with kit, equipment, activities, etc. In excess of £10,000 is required and over the past six months pupils have already been busy holding raffles, bag packing, baby sitting, waiting tables, holding discos and quiz nights. we are now looking for £5,000 to further help support the pupils - this will primarily be used to provide the players with items of tour kit.

As I am sure you are all aware, the cost of kitting out 67 pupils with the variety of clothing requirements for a tour of this size is a huge undertaking - but one that allows pupils to represent themselves, the school and their country in the best possible way.
Tour 'stash' is a key element to Tour, but much more than just an item of clothing. These are items which brand the school and its pupils where ever they go; they are worn day-after-day, year-after-year; bring back countless memories of the trip of a lifetime and are fundamental to ensuring a successful  trip.

Who are the Bristol Grammar School Tour Teams

Bristol Grammar School is a school where girls and boys aged 11-18 find a world of opportunity, the chance to discover their potential and the encouragement and confidence they need to succeed. Our aspiration is for all our children to become independent thinkers, confident, compassionate to others and ambitious for what they can offer the world. BGS is such an exciting and enjoyable place to learn, make friends and provide pupils with opportunities to begin life's adventure. The senior sports tour certainly fulfils the criteria to match the schools aims of providing 'life-changing learning, friendship, and adventure'. 

Bristol Grammar School runs very successful school sports teams throughout the school year. 
Boys Rugby sees 16 Teams, over 280 boys playing extremely competitive fixtures against local schools each week. An extremely successful set-up engages a vast number of the school with regular training sessions and boasts recent Academy and International honours. Not only playing XV a-side matches, the school offers ten-a-side tournaments and seven-a-side fixtures. Both of which are competed at national competition including The Sedbergh Invitational X Tournament and the Rosslyn Park National School 7s Tournament. 
Girls Hockey and Netball run in Autumn and Spring Term respectively. We offer A and B teams for each year group from Year 7 to Year 10 and 5 Senior teams. Over 150 girls turn out each week in the maroon and blue of Bristol Grammar School - once again against fierce competition and it is always done with a smile on their face. We have girls who have gained regional, national and international recognition in these sports over the years and our teams also compete in National Tournaments in these sports.

For more information on sports we offer, including news and results, please head to the Bristol Grammar School Sports Website: 

We will be taking:

  • U18 1st XV and an U17 Development XV Squads;
  • U18 1st XI Hockey Squad
  • U18 1st VII Netball Squad

Sports Tour 2016: Australia->New Zealand->Singapore

This three week adventure sees pupils travel across the globe to compete in sporting fixtures in some of the most competitive locations available. Who wouldn't want to test their Rugby skills against the current Rugby World Champions New Zealand. Or their netball talents on court against the current Netball World Champions Australia. Not to let Hockey get away with it, performances will be no doubt challenging, against the Number 1 ranked country in the world!
We are going to the land of champions and want to be empowered to succeed like CHAMPIONS!

A brief Itinerary, highlights the challenging nature of the tour this time around:

  • 23 July - Depart Bristol UK
  • 25 July - Arrive Sydney, Australia
  • 27 July - Match Day 1
  • 29 July - Arrive Christchurch, New Zealand
  • 31 July - Match Day 2
  • 1 August - Arrive Wellington, New Zealand
  • 2 August - Match Day 3
  • 3 August - Arrive Napier, New Zealand
  • 4 August - Match Day 4
  • 6 August - Arrive Rotorua, New Zealand 
  • 7 August - Arrive Auckland
  • 8 August - Match Day 5
  • 9 August - Arrive Singapore
  • 10 August - Match Day 6
  • 12 August - Arrive Bristol, UK

We want to make sure pupils from Bristol Grammar School are representing the school they love in the best possible fashion - looking the part is key to this.

Where will the money go?

There are lots of items of kit that were are currently fundraising for, investigating sponsorship opportunities and looking for funding. Below is a breakdown of a selection of items that we would like to provide pupils, with an indication of the cost to supply them:

- Rugby Shirts  - £1800

- Hockey Shirts - £1000

- Rugby Shorts - £800 

- Hockey Skorts - £800 

- Netball Shorts - £600

- Bags - £4500 

- Smock Tops - £3000 

- Fleece Tops - £2500

- Tracksuit Bottoms - £2000

- Polo Shirts - £1500 

- Ties - £1350

We will be keeping you updated with news and information on how the fundraising and sponsorship opportunities are going via our twitter page. Please follow this for all your updates.

Rewarding Your Generosity

We have some fabulous rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Please check them out.

No matter what you donate, you will be making a difference - supporting current Bristol Grammar School pupils when on Sports Tour across the globe. 

Find us here

You can follow the progress of the Summer 2016 Sports Tour on Twitter - this will be the go to resource for News, stories, updates and information... 
@BGSTour - 

and using the #BGSTour2016

We also have individual sport twitter accounts that you may wish to follow in order to get up to date news and information:

Rugby - @BGSrugby -

Hockey - @HockeyBGS -

Netball - @NetballBGS -

The school has a number of media outlets in order for you to find out more information on the fantastic life at Bristol Grammar School

Make sure you Follow us to find out how we're doing!

Help us succeed in Fundraising for Tour 

You don't necessarily need to give money to help us succeed...
You can simply share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.
In fact, share it with everyone you know as we think it's a great idea, and the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly!
And we know we said you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd love it if you did!
Please sponsor us and help make this happen.

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What a fantastic opportunity. Hope you all have a great time and good luck!

Good luck with the fund raising and have a fantastic tour. You will remember it for evermore!

Have a great trip guys! I had many fond memories of South Africa in 1998! Wow, typing that makes me feel pretty old! Savour the experience and have a blast! Adam

Super cool to see this project. Good luck! Australia and South Pacific was an incredible experience. Blue octopus freshly pulled from the reef and cooked with hot rocks on a beach in Samoa was probably the highlight, as was playing against Jonah Lomu's cousin in Tonga.

Good luck on the tour to all of you. I remember the 1998 tour to South Africa with many fond memories and hope that you all use this tour to not only develop your sporting abilities but to broaden your social and cultural knowledge. You are very lucky to be touring with such a great team of teachers and coaches and again i wish you all the luck in the future. Kind Regards Paul Shepherd